Sarah Moran 1857 to ???

Sarah was born on 13th March 1857.

She married Philip Kelly on the 4th April 1875. His parents were William Kelly and Sarah XXX (several possibilities). (He was a brother to William Kelly who married Teresa Moran)

They had 1 child Philip. He was born on 17th July 1876.

I have a note that a Philip Kelly died in 1877.

Timothy Moran 1852 to 1913

Timothy was born 12th November 1852 and died 4th January 1913

He married 3 times and had at least 17 chilkdren.

He married Bridget Tallon on 5th August 1877, her parents were Peter and Anne Tallon. She died on 23rd February 1885.

They had 3 children:

Mary Anne born 15th July 1878

Bridgit born 13th April 1880

James J. born 2nd August 1882 and died 15th June 1944

He then married Sarah Anne “Cissy” Jordan on 5th July 1885. Her parents were Thomas Jordan and Anne Lyons. She was born on 16th April 1864 and died on 18th October 1902 in Harolds Cross Hospice.

They had 9 children as follows:

Timothy Joseph born 1886 and died 6th December 1954

Thomas “Tommie” born 1888 and died between 1944 and 1946

Sarah Anne born 1890 and died in 1960

Teresa born 1892 and died ???

Margaret May “Mary” born 1894 and died ???

Christopher Joseph born 11th June 1896 and died 5th September 1968

John Joseph “Jack” born 1898 and died 1962

Mary Teresa born 1900 and died ???

Denis born 1902

He then married Elizabeth “Lilly” O’Connor on 9th July 1903. Her parents were Anthony O’Connor and unknown. She died on ???

They had possible 6 children as follows:

Patrick born 30th April 1904

Unknown male born 17th July 1905

Kathleen born 7th July 1906

Denis born 7th June 1908

Joseph born 30th April 1910

Stephen born 2nd January 1912

timothy moran 2 gen

Timothy was a Poor Law Guardian and can be seen in this photo. He was elected on June 1905 to the Royal Exchange Ward. This is a picture of the Poor Law Guardians for South Dublin. It may be taken outside the South Dublin Workhouse where the Board of Guardians met regularly.

timothy moran poor law guardian

Timothy is standing at the back on the left hand side.

His death was noted at their meeting a few days after he died:

timothy moran poor law guardian death.jpg

Irish Independent January 9th 1913.

He was also a member of the Distress Committee and they also marked his passing.

timothy moran distress committee death

Evening Herald January 10th 1913. You can see more about Poor Law Unions here

The following tells us a lot about his family at the time:

timothy moran burial

Irish Independent January 8th 1913

For whatever reason his son failed to take his fathers seat:

james j moran  poor law guardian not

Irish Independent January 23rd 1913

He seems to have also been involved with other charitable bodies

timothy moran charitable bodies

Evening Herald January 9th 1913.

There is a suggestion his mother may have died from excessive drinking and this may have influenced his work in certain areas?